Can a Great-Tasting Snack Actually Be Sweet, Savory, & Spicy All At Once?

Can a Great-Tasting Snack Actually Be Sweet, Savory, & Spicy All At Once?

Hi snack enthusiasts! Neda here, proud flavor creator, founder, and owner of Darious Snack Co. I believe snacks should be more than tasty. They should be an experience. A positive one that’s good for mind, body, and spirit. That’s what my dad used to say. So I named my company after him. Thanks papa!


In this article, you’ll learn why our Moroccan Spice Date Swirls is my attempt and creative journey at what I call “Mindful Snacking.” But more specifically, it’s the road I took to try and blend the sweetness from dates, the savory, and the gently spicy– all in one versatile, great-tasting snack you can serve anytime for any occasion. So let’s make it a date! I guarantee it will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Come Back to Morocco

It’s where the air is thick with the scent of exotic spices. And the streets are alive with the hustle and bustle of the souks. Morocco, a country deeply steeped in history and tradition, has long been revered as the land of spice—a place where ancient trade routes crisscrossed over wind-swept undulating desert sands, bringing with them a treasure trove of flavors from across the globe.


It's in this rich tapestry of culture and cuisine that our story begins. Inspired by the vibrant flavors of Moroccan cuisine, I set out to create a snack that would capture the essence of this magical land in every bite. Behold, our Moroccan Spice Date Swirls were born.


Awaken your taste buds with layers of warmth and depth. First, the subtle tang of lemon juice and the earthy sweetness of olive oil blend. Both are common to all four of our date swirls flavors. But why olive oil? Well, why not? It’s so much better for you than butter or shortening.

What’s in a Date Swirl?

At the heart of our Moroccan Spice Date Swirls lies the star ingredient date paste. Sourced from the finest dates the region has to offer, our date paste brings a natural earthy sweetness that forms the perfect base for our flavor-packed creation. We then added a helping of wheat flour for that perfect, doughy texture and walnuts to add a delightful nuttiness.



Our Secret: Moroccan Spice

When you first taste the Moroccan Spice blended the way I’ve imagined, my hope is that it will send you soaring straight to the bustling spice markets of Marrakech. Picture this: cracked cumin seed, smoky paprika, pungent ground garlic powder, and a pinch of sea salt. Now infuse a gentle amount of fiery cayenne pepper for a bit of a Moroccan kick.


  • Flavor Profile: Complex & dynamic. Cumin seeds contribute a warm, earthy essence with a hint of citrus. Paprika adds depth & richness with subtle smokiness. Garlic powder offers a sharp & savory flavor that complements the other spices. Sea salt infused with fiery cayenne pepper adds a gentle heat that builds gradually, offering a fiery kick without overwhelming the palate. Together, these spices create a harmony of warm, smoky, savory, & spicy notes.

A Cardamom Connection

Now we sprinkle in a dash of ground cardamom. It’s commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes throughout the world.


  • Flavor Profile: Hard to compare to anything else. It's warm, slightly sweet, with hints of citrus & mint. To me it’s both spicy & floral. Even slightly smoky.


However, cardamom is also believed to have health-promoting properties. It’s been known to help with digestion and it's often chewed after meals in many cultures. The compounds in cardamom have antioxidants.


Chewing on cardamom seeds can also help freshen breath due to its pleasant aroma and antibacterial properties. Some studies suggest cardamom may even help promote lower blood pressure (we make no health claim as more research is needed). Cardamom also has been shown to have antimicrobial properties, which may help fight certain types of bacteria and fungi.

Maca Powder Boost

We continue with a pinch of maca powder which further introduces a unique flavor profile but also potential health benefits. Maca powder is derived from the maca root.


  • Flavor Profile: Mildly nutty & earthy taste with subtle hints of butterscotch & caramel. Adds depth & richness.


But beyond taste, maca powder is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Renowned for its adaptogenic properties, it helps aid in stress management and promoting overall balance and vitality. It can impart a natural energy boost. A satisfying choice for sustained energy.

“Many flavor notes mean many possibilities” – Neda

Ground Ginger

Finally, we use a hint of ground ginger for a zesty finish.

  • Flavor Profile: Ginger brings a warm, spicy, & slightly sweet flavor, providing a delightful contrast to sweeter or savory elements. Its aromatic qualities can uplift the overall taste experience, giving the snack a refreshing zing.


Ginger's subtle heat can also provide a gentle kick, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Beyond taste, ginger is known to help digestion and provide anti-inflammatory properties. We think it’s a versatile and appealing ingredient which elevates taste.

Can a Snack Really be Sweet, Savory, & Spicy All at Once?

Well, there’s one way to find out. Just taste it! But my friends, I'm here to say that it’s been my personal joy and passion to craft my Moroccan Spice Date Swirls to absolutely get as close as possible to the perfect blend. And I do think it’s one of the reasons why this flavor, in particular, is so versatile and dramatically elegant. It’s perfect with wine or coffee, cheese or fruit.


They fit anywhere and anytime. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, fueling up for a workout, or simply satisfying a late-night craving. Think Moroccan! And savor the swirl! Serve them alongside a charcuterie platter for a gourmet appetizer, crumble them over a salad for a burst of flavor, or simply enjoy them straight out of the bag for a guilt-free indulgence.


So take a bite and let your taste buds embark on a flavor-filled journey they won't soon forget. Cheers to snacks that are as bold and vibrant as you are!


Enjoy in good health! – Neda

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