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My Date Swirls are vegan, with no cholesterol, saturated fat or trans fat. They are made with olive oil instead of butter or shortening, and dates instead of sugar or sweeteners.

It doesn't get any better than this! Try them today!

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Low Sodium

Cinnamon Date Swirls

The "OG" my original flavor that inspired the rest. A subtle taste of cinnamon matched with the deep flavor profile of dates. The perfect combination!

Recommended Recipe: Chocolate smoothie with whipped cream and Cinnamon Date Swirls topping.

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Banana Date Swirls

Dates and Bananas... what better combination for a healthy breakfast treat or snack?

Recommended Recipe: Chocolate covered Banana Date Swirls Energy Balls

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Blueberry Date Swirls

Filled with nature's greatest antioxidant, blueberries, my Blueberry Swirls are a perfect way to start your day, or even to recharge after an afternoon workout.

Recommended Recipe: Blueberry Date Swirls Yogurt Parfait topped with fresh berries.

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Moroccan Spice Swirls

Slightly sweet, yet savory, bringing spicy notes forward to pair with your favorite cheeses, sliced meats or even a glass of wine.

Recommended recipe: Moroccan Spice Swirls Cheeseboard paired with white wine.

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