Darious Snack Company, is a new provider of unique, tasty snacks.  Led by CEO/Founder Neda Rafiezadeh Kermani, it has developed the Darious Date Cookie as its initial product.  Neda was born in Persia and later moved to France.  She has degrees in multi-media, art, and has run her own art business. Neda’s father, Daryoush Rafiezadeh Kermani, was an entrepreneur and taught Neda the fundamentals and passion of entrepreneurship. This led her to build her own company, Myra Darious LLC, which is named after him and her mother.   

In 2012, she moved to New York City.  After reviewing the lack of healthy snack choices in the United States compared to France and Persia, Neda decided to take her creative skills and combine them with her business, hospitality, and management experience to design a healthy snack based on a generations’ old family and cultural recipe.  The result is the Darious Date Cookie.

Ms. Rafiezadeh Kermani spent several months honing her baking skills. There she built her international flavor by learning to combine Persian flavors with baking techniques to produce the company’s initial product.